All is Well ..!!

To all those Ranchos and Rajus and Farhans out there :

Your issue seems to be that the education system burdens engineering students with loads and loads of boring subjects and unnecessary exams.! So the system has got to change for the better, and improve itself to be  more fun-filled and interesting ,one that cares more for “excellence” than “success”. So why is education still strict and serious? Because this is the way it is meant to be.!

Perhaps,this concept suited “Tare Zameen Par” because we were dealing with a school there. Being a child’s first step into the world of learning, it can definitely be a little less rigid,so students learn to love to learn, rather than treat it as a chore.

Firstly,if you want more fun and thrill, why opt for an engineering college? There are plenty of colleges for arts, that have creative methods of teaching English and History and Economics. Science is serious business.! How creatively can one explain E = mc² ??? How much fun can one inculcate in describing the human digestive system or the nervous system?

An Engineer is not one who sees machines as something that simplifies man’s work. He’s one who knows it to be “any mechanical or electrical device that transmits or modifies energy to perform or assist in the performance of human tasks”. That is what sets him apart.! Especially when you are sitting in a mechanical lab and learning the importance of machines, how useful or relevant is Rancho’s definition?

Next comes the question of loads and loads of papers to get through and the endless projects and assignments.Really, when you love a subject, studying it doesn’t seem an ordeal at all.! The issue of memorising and reproducing it in an answer paper arises, because the student doesn’t understand the value or importance of that subject.Why blame it on the teachers? The purpose of a teacher is not to make the student understand every concept and definition in the book, but just to teach him to explore the subject.

There are 2 kinds of teachers(in engineering colleges to be specific). Given the fact that teaching is not very lucrative as a profession, a majority take to teaching,because they couldn’t land in any other job for a while. So they see teaching as a leisure with lots of spare-time which they can utilise to train themselves for postgraduate exams or for other jobs.

The second kind comprises the real experts in the subjects,to whom these are more than subjects. It’s the love of their life and they hold it very close to their hearts. If temper goes well with genius, it is because genius cannot tolerate mediocrity. It is always impossible,trying to explain something that is so interwoven in you and that you have lived with and loved for so long. Probably this is the reason many great men of science make poor speakers.!

So save a few exceptions in both categories, there are very few who can really get down to the level of students and help them.Even when the great “Rancho” was asked to teach,he couldn’t get farther than “farhannitrate” and “prerajulisation”.! So why see the wedge in education’s eye when there is a log in your own eye?

There were times, when sons of kings and emperors had their education at a hermit’s place,working for him, and catering to all his needs. And the guru taught them only when we wished. But now we are fortunate enough to have convenient and spacious classrooms where teachers come to us to impart knowledge.! What more can one expect?

In a college,the pact is between students and books, not between students and teachers.They are only to guide us in our quest for knowledge.So instead of accusing the teachers and deans of being devoid of fun and humour, students can do well to imbibe such fun and joy into studying and preparing for exams. When you can identify yourself completely with a subject,exams are no big deal.!

It was great to see Farhan deciding to follow his heart’s desire at last . But did he have to do it after wasting his father’s fortune on 4 years of his son’s engineering life? Of course parents wish to see their sons and daughters as doctors and engineers.It is not just because they are high-paid jobs, but they are highly-skilled too ! Not everyone has the capability and perseverance to hold a BE or an MBBS degree. That is exactly why the syllabus for these courses is heavy too.! These able students have got the potential to crack their subjects and “excel” in them.!

When I was in the second year of college, all engineering colleges in Tamilnadu were brought under Anna University and so there was a sea-change in the curriculum, the subjects and the exams too. The next one year was literally hell, with both students and teachers toiling alike,under the tyranny of the new curriculum.But it didn’t last long. Soon teachers found out how to prepare their students,colleges found out where to get hold of all reference and subject books,and the students had also figured out how to tackle this situation.! Almost every student who passed out of an engineering  college during that time will agree that the common Anna University curriculum was a blessing in disguise and definitely not a “pressure-cooker”.

Finally,how many of us would like to enjoy and have fun at a temple or a church? They are places where we seek wisdom. Similarly, why expect fun at an abode of knowledge? Studying in a college is more than just 8 hrs of listening and note-making. It’s a penance. It is where we realise what we are destined for and find the means to it. So why not be serious about it?

We are all “warm-blooded”.So when we can adapt to a natural phenomenon like temperature,why not to our man-made curriculum and question papers? It would do no harm to let our “frontal lobes” toil a little more.!


An Engineer…


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5 Responses to All is Well ..!!

  1. Me says:

    wow wat a review !!!!!!!! completely different perspective !!

  2. swetha says:

    Hey!! This is an awesome review.! keep writing 🙂

  3. B.K says:

    HI ka…

    I did not watch this movie yet, but taking Ur perspective for granted, I sincerely stand by every word U said.. Engineering and science are factual and who said its a bore.. The wonderful world of thermodynamics in Mechanical engineering is as close a man get to real life , provided its seen with such interest.
    Who said machines are boring.. Who said the curriclum is a bore? Teachers apart, books are a man’s way to the paradise of knowledge.

    I remember Altan’s book on Metal Forming. Balmer on Thermodynamics, . these sort of books dont reqire even teaching..

    Education has nothing funny ab it… u hit the nail on the head aka

  4. JAPAN LAKSHMI says:

    I remember my own college days, when there was almost strikes on all days, and the boy students always behind some prof. in tuition, I used to take books from library and I always had a self teaching and self learning and worked out Maths problems and chemistry equations on floor and always stood first amongst 100 students in Maths, and 75 students in Chemistry roughly.. Studying my subjects, as u said rightly, I did like a penance….V good review…Keep going

  5. Yes,studying well those days was even more a challenge than these days… And mastering Maths and Chemistry, of all, are very great achievements ! Hats off to you..!!

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